With A0 Advertising Displays you are highly visible

If you are going to organize an exhibition or congress, it is recommended to use our A0 advertising displays. We have been producing one of the best systems in the Netherlands since 1979. At ABC Display, it is possible to both rent and purchase the displays. We can install them for you or you can do it yourself, without any tools. When you decide to rent A0 advertising displays from ABC Display we usually use the size 100x125cm. When you buy poster boards from us, you can select any size you want. You can cover these with any color nylon you want or have us attach a graphic print to the board. It is also possible to provide the poster boards with a different application on both sides.

How do ABC Display's A0 Advertising Displays work?

It is literally an ABC to assemble the advertising displays on site. Using a specially developed clip, the signs are secured against the round uprights (posts). The clips are attached by turning them a quarter turn. This sits securely and will not move. The uprights (posts) we supply are round and therefore give the possibility of placing the signs in any position. Think harmonica walls, round exhibits or completely straight walls.

At all times, the displays are double-sided. In the case of rectangular size, the advertising displays can be mounted in both portrait and landscape. This option can be accomplished on site thanks to the multifunctional profile. The triangle footplates are manufactured so that the floor will never be damaged. This is because of the silicone surface.


Attaching materials to displays

Over the years, we have worked with many different clients. As a result, a lot of experience has been gained by us and certain systems have been developed to make it easy for the customers/users to attach the materials against the signs. ABC Display offers standard Velcro rounds for attachment. These are small rounds that have hook tape on one side, the other side has an adhesive layer. The adhesive layer is easily attached against the posters while the hook tape stays in the displays. It is thus even possible to attach materials weighing up to 10kg. It is also possible to use picture hooks or work with thumbtacks.

ABC Display's advertising displays are the only ones of their kind made solely as poster boards. The boards will be able to be used indefinitely without a thumbtack making the board ''brittle.'' We would be happy to invite you to our showroom or speak to you by phone and/or email.

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What are the delivery times for A0 Advertising Displays?

As mentioned, we are the manufacturer of the displlays with a large rental stock. It is even possible to have same-day displays delivered or picked up. If you choose to purchase the advertising displays, we can provide your delivery within a few days. This, of course, depends on inventory and busy production. We normally apply a maximum delivery time of 14 days. Within this time, you are guaranteed to receive your poster boards in any color you want. We make deliveries throughout the Netherlands. We produce in Almere but are almost daily in the major cities of the Netherlands such as: Amsterdam, Utrecht, The Hague, Rotterdam, Breda, Tilburg and Eindhoven.

Information packet

Are you interested in an information package? Then contact us, we will be happy to send you one. This can be done either by mail or e-mail.

Renting is possible

ABC Display offers you the possibility to rent the various presentation systems, this can save you costs when you only need them once.


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